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Dragon Medical One software is used by hundreds of pathologists in Australia.

Dragon Medical One software

Recently, Voice Recognition Australia partnered with Helix Pathology in Queensland to implement a comprehensive Dragon Medical One solution in their busy lab. This implementation has resulted in significant savings for Helix, amounting to at least $80,000 annually. Remarkably, Helix achieved a 100% return on investment within approximately 60 days. The implementation was carried out on-site by our specialist trainers, who are available across Australia to assist with integrating speech recognition into your pathology lab.

Years ago, a product known as PathSpeak was available in Australia, created by the now-defunct company Voice Perfect. PathSpeak was compatible only with Windows XP. However, many pathology laboratories, including government-run ones, have since upgraded to Windows 7, 8, or 10, as PathSpeak does not function on these newer operating systems.

Fortunately, there is now a vastly superior solution available: Dragon Medical Practice Edition 3.2. This version includes a specialized vocabulary specifically designed for pathology, significantly enhancing accuracy and efficiency in speech recognition tasks. Moreover, Dragon Medical Practice Edition operates on the latest Nuance speech recognition engine, ensuring optimal performance. For those still using the outdated PathSpeak product, now is the ideal time to transition to Dragon Medical Practice Edition, a far more advanced voice recognition solution that is fully compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.

By upgrading to Dragon Medical Practice Edition, pathology labs can benefit from improved accuracy and efficiency, ultimately enhancing their operational workflow. The advanced features and compatibility with modern operating systems make Dragon Medical One Practice Edition a valuable tool for any pathology lab looking to enhance its speech recognition capabilities. With the support of Voice Recognition Australia’s expert trainers, labs across the country can seamlessly integrate this cutting-edge technology into their operations.

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