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Learn How To See More Patients Per Hour

I think we all recognize the critical value of a doctor’s time, both economically and in providing the highest quality patient care. Doctors who learn to see more patients per hour can increase their revenue, but this often comes with the risk of feeling burned out by the end of the day.

While EHR systems offer some assistance, their navigation can be time-consuming and frustrating. Many complaints stem from the fact that inputting visit information can take up to five minutes per patient, which quickly adds up and reduces the ability to see more patients daily.

Keeping up with the latest technology while maintaining excellent patient care can be overwhelming. However, we want to assure you that using the right technology can save time and allow you to see patients more efficiently.

Use The Right Tools (Dragon Medical Software)

Using Dragon Medical Software, for example, integrates voice recognition technology into the EHR system. This enables doctors to enjoy the advantages of an EHR without the extra time required for typing.

Doctors experienced with EHR systems will find many familiar features in Dragon Medical. The software includes templates and patient information that can be auto-completed during the patient visit.

Once the visit concludes, the system is prepared for additional information or ready to move on to the next patient.

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Customer Success Story

Dr. Jose Gude remarked, “Doctors aren’t good typists.”

After five months, Dr. Gude found the software indispensable. Instead of typing, he could dictate patient histories and other information into a microphone at the station or use his smartphone, saving significant time.

Unlike template-based programs, Dragon Medical enables physicians to take notes that don’t conform to rigid templates, combining the flexibility of paper charting with the efficiency of electronic records.

Moreover, doctors can immediately read and verify notes, a benefit not always available when using a medical scribe.

Time Savings = Money Savings

Dragon Medical One not only enables doctors to work more efficiently but also cuts costs associated with traditional transcription services.

Furthermore, errors can be quickly corrected, resulting in more accurate charts.

A primary care practice affiliated with the University of Rochester Medical Center recently adopted Dragon Medical. Among the six physicians in the practice, the estimated savings were between $20,000 and $30,000 per month. That’s substantial!

Based on these savings, the medical center now plans to implement Dragon Medical across all departments, covering more than 700 physicians.

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