Dragon Bluetooth Headset

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Bluetooth Wireless Headset



Dragon Bluetooth Headset is a wireless headset designed for hands-free dictation using the Dragon family of speech recognition solutions. It provides clear and accurate voice capture, making it ideal for dictating notes, creating documents, and controlling your device with your voice.

Key Features

  • Clear Voice Capture (CVC) noise cancellation: Effectively reduces background noise for accurate voice recognition, even in noisy environments.

  • Bluetooth v5.0 + ERD/BLE: Provides a stable and reliable wireless connection with up to a 33-foot range.

  • Up to 8 hours of talk time: Long-lasting battery life keeps you productive throughout the day.

  • IPX4 water and sweat resistance: Durable design protects against splashes and moisture.

  • Built-in USB-C charging interface: Convenient charging with included USB-C cable.

  • No USB dongle required for pairing: Easy to connect with your Bluetooth-enabled devices.

  • Supports Windows, Android, and iOS: Compatible with a wide range of devices.

Additional Benefits

  • Ergonomic design: Comfortable and lightweight for extended use.

  • Multifunction button: Control calls, manage audio playback, and activate voice assistants with ease.

  • LED indicators: Provide visual status updates for power, pairing, and charging.

  • Carrying case: Protects your headset when not in use.

Ideal for

  • Healthcare professionals: Dictate patient notes, generate reports, and complete documentation efficiently.

  • Legal professionals: Create documents, transcribe recordings, and prepare briefs hands-free.

  • Writers and authors: Compose articles, stories, and manuscripts without typing.

  • Students: Take notes, complete assignments, and research topics using speech recognition.

  • Busy professionals: Manage emails, schedule meetings, and control their devices with voice commands.

Whether you’re in a quiet office or a bustling environment, the Dragon Bluetooth Headset delivers clear and accurate voice capture for hands-free productivity.

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