Dragon Professional Spanish v16




Dragon Professional Spanish v16 is a speech recognition software program designed for professionals who use the Spanish language. It is the latest version of Dragon Professional for Spanish speakers, and it includes a number of new features and improvements over previous versions.

Here are some of the key features of Dragon Professional Spanish v16:

  • Up to 99% accuracy: Dragon Professional Spanish v16 is claimed to be up to 99% accurate, which means that it can transcribe your speech into text with very few errors.
  • Improved support for accents: Dragon Professional Spanish v16 is better at understanding different Spanish accents than previous versions. This is especially important for professionals who work with clients or colleagues from different regions of the Spanish-speaking world.
  • Customizable vocabulary: You can add your own words and phrases to Dragon Professional Spanish v16’s vocabulary, so it will be better at understanding your specific jargon. This can be helpful for professionals in fields such as medicine, law, or engineering.
  • Voice commands: You can use voice commands to control Dragon Professional Spanish v16, such as starting and stopping dictation, inserting punctuation, and formatting text. This can be helpful for professionals who want to keep their hands free to type or take notes.
  • Integration with other applications: Dragon Professional Spanish v16 can integrate with a variety of other applications, such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel. This can be helpful for professionals who need to create and edit documents quickly and easily.

Dragon Professional Spanish v16 is a powerful speech recognition software program that can help you to save time and increase your productivity. However, it is important to note that it is not perfect, and you may still need to make some corrections to the text that it transcribes.


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