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Fusion Narrate is another cloud-based medical speech recognition software that competes with Dragon Medical One. It is also designed to help healthcare professionals dictate notes, generate charts, and complete other documentation tasks using their voice. Fusion Narrate shares many of the same features as Dragon Medical One, including:

  • High accuracy: Fusion Narrate also boasts an industry-leading accuracy rate of over 99%.

  • Workflow automation: Fusion Narrate can also automate many of the repetitive tasks involved in medical documentation.

  • Personalization: Fusion Narrate can also be customized to the preferences of individual clinicians.

  • Connectivity to EHR systems: Fusion Narrate integrates with many popular EHR systems.

  • Mobile capabilities: Fusion Narrate can also be used on a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets.

  • Secure cloud storage: Fusion Narrate also stores all data in a secure cloud environment.

In addition to these shared features, Fusion Narrate also offers some unique features, such as:

  • Real-time information integration: Fusion Narrate can integrate real-time information from the patient’s encounter during report creation.

  • Voice shortcuts: Fusion Narrate allows clinicians to create voice shortcuts for frequently used commands.

  • Integrated dictation: Fusion Narrate can be integrated into a variety of clinical workflows, including dictation, transcription, and coding.

Fusion Narrate is a popular choice for healthcare professionals, and it has been recognized by KLAS for its exceptional support, flexible solutions, and strong customer relationships.

Here is a table comparing Fusion Narrate and Dragon Medical One:

Feature Fusion Narrate Dragon Medical One
Accuracy Over 99% Over 99%
Workflow automation Yes Yes
Personalization Yes Yes
Connectivity to EHR systems Yes Yes
Mobile capabilities Yes Yes
Secure cloud storage Yes Yes
Real-time information integration Yes No
Voice shortcuts Yes No
Integrated dictation Yes No
KLAS recognition Yes Yes

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