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What is Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking is voice recognition, dictation, and control software primarily used by those with physical challenges that make typing difficult.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is software commonly used by individuals who find typing difficult due to physical, cognitive, or other challenges. It enables users to dictate text and operate the computer using voice commands. While using Dragon Naturally Speaking to control the computer, users can either say the name of the element they want to activate or utilize a coordinate-based grid to specify the exact coordinates of the screen area they wish to work on. In order to make use of the software as efficient as possible, Dragon Naturally Speaking allows users to train the software on their voice, allowing it to learn over time and provide the best possible recognition results for them. The platform also allows users to customize and configure every command to best serve the needs of each individual user.

Originally released by Dragon Systems as “Dragon Dictate for DOS,” the early versions of the software were unable to recognize the boundaries between words, due to limitations in computing power at the time. Instead, users needed to articulate each word distinctly, pausing between them. It wasn’t until 1997, with the release of the first version of Dragon Naturally Speaking for Windows, that users could speak with a relatively normal pace and intonation. A version of Dragon Naturally Speaking was released for Mac as well, but since Mac’s voice recognition software is integrated into its operating system, Dragon Naturally Speaking continues to be more popular on Windows.

As the software advanced, it gained popularity in the legal and medical fields, where typing was often impractical or unnecessary. Specialized versions, optimized for recognizing specific medical and legal terminology, were subsequently introduced to these markets. Out of a desire to enter the healthcare technology field, Microsoft purchased Nuance, the makers of Dragon Naturally Speaking, in April 2021.

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