Dragon Medical One (Bundle) Yearly

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Windows 11
Digital Download Only
1 User/Multiple PC

System Requirements
4 GB of RAM
4 GB of available hard disk space



Dragon Medical One

Dragon Medical One is a cloud-based speech recognition software designed specifically for healthcare professionals. It allows clinicians to dictate notes, generate charts, and complete other documentation tasks using their voice, freeing up their time to focus on patient care. Here are some of the key features of Dragon Medical One:

  • High accuracy: Dragon Medical One boasts an industry-leading accuracy rate of over 99%, even for complex medical terminology. This helps to ensure that patient records are accurate and complete.

  • Workflow automation: Dragon Medical One can automate many of the repetitive tasks involved in medical documentation, such as inserting patient information and formatting charts. This can save clinicians time and improve their efficiency.

    • Personalization: Dragon Medical One can be customized to the preferences of individual clinicians, and it can learn from the way each clinician dictates to improve its accuracy over time.

    • Connectivity to EHR systems: Dragon Medical One integrates with many popular EHR systems, making it easy to input documentation directly into patient records.

    • Mobile capabilities: Dragon Medical One can be used on a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets, so clinicians can dictate notes from anywhere.

    • Secure cloud storage: Dragon Medical One stores all data in a secure cloud environment, and it uses industry-standard encryption to protect patient information.

    Here are some of the benefits of using Dragon Medical One:
    • Improved efficiency: Dragon Medical One can save clinicians up to an hour of documentation time per day, which can be used for patient care or other tasks.

    • Reduced errors: By automating many of the tasks involved in medical documentation, Dragon Medical One can help to reduce errors in patient records.

    • Enhanced patient outcomes: By freeing up clinicians’ time, Dragon Medical One can help to improve patient care by making it easier for them to spend more time with patients.

    • Increased satisfaction: Clinicians who use Dragon Medical One are more satisfied with their documentation process, which can lead to increased job satisfaction and retention.

    If you are a healthcare professional, I encourage you to try Dragon Medical One to see how it can help you improve your workflow and save time.

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