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Different Dictation Software Comparison

  • Type Cloud-based
    Focus Healthcare professionals
    Vocabulary Extensive medical terminology, context-aware
    Security Meets HIPAA compliance
    Transcription Features Medical-specific templates, voice commands
    Dictation accuracy High, context-aware
    Price Subscription-based
  • Type Hybrid (cloud and desktop)
    Focus Physicians and medical practices
    Vocabulary Preloaded medical terms, customizable
    Security Meets HIPAA compliance
    Transcription Features Medical-specific templates, voice commands
    Dictation accuracy High, customizable
    Price Perpetual license or subscription
  • Type Desktop
    Focus General business users
    Vocabulary General, customizable
    Security No built-in encryption
    Transcription Features General purpose templates, voice commands
    Dictation accuracy High, customizable
    Price Perpetual license or subscription
  • Type Desktop
    Focus Legal professionals
    Vocabulary Extensive legal terminology, customizable
    Security No built-in encryption
    Transcription Features Legal-specific templates, voice commands
    Dictation accuracy High, customizable
    Price Perpetual license or subscription

FAQ Dictation Software

Dragon NaturallySpeaking was an earlier version of Dragon software, focusing on accurate speech recognition. Newer version, like Dragon Professional v16, bring advancements in technology, user experience, and features. They offer improved accuracy, updated interfaces, better compatibility.

Dragon Professional: This version is designed for general business and professional use. It’s suitable for various industries and professions where accurate speech recognition and efficient documentation are essential. Dragon Professional offers features for creating documents, emails, reports, and performing various tasks hands-free. It’s versatile and adaptable for professionals across different fields.

Dragon Legal: Dragon Legal is specifically crafted for legal professionals and law firms. It’s customized to recognize legal terminology, jargon, and specific workflows commonly used in the legal industry. This version includes specialized legal vocabulary, forms, templates, and citation formats, streamlining legal documentation processes. It ensures higher accuracy and efficiency when transcribing legal documents and dictations compared to the general-purpose Dragon Professional.

Insert the installation media (DVD) or run the downloaded installer: Follow the on-screen prompts to proceed.

  1. Choose your installation type: If you’re the only user, choose the “Single User” installation. If you’re installing on multiple computers, choose the “Network” installation.
  2. Select the features you want to install: You can choose to install all features, or just the ones you need.
  3. Choose your installation location: The default location is usually C:\Program Files86\Nuance\NaturallySpeaking. You can choose a different location if you prefer.
  4. Enter your product key: This will unlock the full version of Dragon.
  5. Create a user profile: This is where Dragon will store your voice profile and settings.
  6. Train your voice profile: This is an important step to improve Dragon’s accuracy. Simply read the provided text prompts into your microphone.
  7. Test your microphone and adjust settings: Make sure your microphone is positioned correctly and that the volume is set appropriately. You can also adjust other settings, such as the sensitivity and noise reduction.

Dragon Medical One: It’s a cloud-based solution, accessed through a subscription model. This version allows for easy access from various devices and locations, as it doesn’t require installation on specific machines.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition: This version is an on-premises solution, installed directly onto individual workstations or servers within a healthcare facility. It operates within the facility’s network and doesn’t rely on cloud access for functionality.
Accessibility and Mobility:
Dragon Medical One: Being cloud-based, it offers flexibility in accessing the software from different locations and devices, enabling mobility for healthcare professionals.
Dragon Medical Practice Edition: Since it’s installed on specific machines within the healthcare facility, its accessibility is limited to those workstations, lacking the mobility and flexibility of a cloud-based solution.

Updates and Maintenance:

Dragon Medical One: Updates and maintenance are handled centrally through the cloud, ensuring that users always have access to the latest features and improvements without needing manual updates.
Dragon Medical Practice Edition: Updates and maintenance require manual intervention, where administrators or IT personnel within the healthcare facility are responsible for installing updates and managing the software.

Features and Functionality:

Dragon Medical One: It offers specialized speech recognition for medical terminology, seamless integration with EHR systems, voice commands for navigation, and HIPAA-compliant security measures.
Dragon Medical Practice Edition: Similar in its focus on accurate medical speech recognition, it’s designed for on-premises use, allowing for dictation into EHRs but with limited mobility and cloud-based functionalities.

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